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You wouldn’t be polite to someone who reached into your pocket to steal your credit cards. Don’t be polite with people who persistently steal your time by talking on and on. Common rules… Continue reading → [...]

I've been trying to learn a 3D drawing program. Yesterday I noticed that I was working but not learning. [...]

Hi Dan, Love your blog, it’s my regular go-to! I am the male CEO of an organization that has no other male staff. I find increasingly that staff and board members are going… Continue reading → [...]

If you needed to improve your team’s overall productivity, what would you do? I imagine you may develop project templates; invest in some time-management training; create a collaborative project site; delegate work; help your team prioritize and communicate more efficiently, and so on. Each activity is certainly useful and worth undertaking. But what if these endeavours don’t pay off? Developing an emotionally intelligent team could p [...]

I work for OutSystems, a company that develops a big product. We’ve been around for awhile (15 years), but we’re still building radical stuff. And, OutSystems 10 was the most radical yet. But, to pull it off, we had to change some things. Why? We’d been noticing for awhile that development was slowing down. This can get diluted […] The post Back in the Fast Lane: Developing with Quality appeared first on OutSystems. [...]

Interventions come in the form of an irritating other. It’s not that people are irritating in and of themselves. Well, to be honest, some are. They’re irritating when they call us to surrender.… Continue reading → [...]

I'm not shy about recommending the other guy's stuff. Here's two postings worth the read on things you can do to deal with technical debt: Phillipe Krutchen Concrete things you can do about your technical debt Scott Adler 11 Strategies for Dealing With Technical Debt Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer! Read [...]

I recently ran a survey about stakeholder management (thanks, by the way, if you were one of the people who filled it out) and the results surprised me. While I haven’t got the full results yet, I have done a bit of analysis on them and I wanted to share what I know so farClick for more You'll also like: 4 Unusual Reasons Why Stakeholder Management Is Important All projects have stakeholders, even the very smallest initiatives. The major reason that most project management approaches give f [...]

On Line PM Course has listed the 50 Greatest Project Management Blogs in alphabetical order [...]

Reality. The Oxford Dictionary defines reality as “The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. A thing that is actually experienced or seen...”1 Reality is a word that’s getting a lot of traction these days, most recently in the area of what constitutes news. [...]

If you feel it’s easy to lead yourself, you aren’t doing it. Self-leadership: Pay attention to yourself. #1. Listen to yourself. What if the things that come out of your mouth are true… Continue reading → [...]

What will have the biggest impact? Change must be consistent in organizations if they are going to continue to grow, prosper and meet the needs of their consumers. And often, there are many changes that an organization would like to implement. Prioritizing changes ensures that the right change initiatives are launched at the right time [...] The post Prioritize Change Projects in Your Organization appeared first on Gina Abudi. [...]

Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois and John Willis are the authors of the book The DevOps Handbook. how to create world-class agility, reliability, & security in technology organizations. If you look at the cover you see some similarities with … Continue reading → [...]

2017 has arrived and so has the apprehensions of software-house owners regarding the new challenges of project management. In a competition, it is always the first person who make the right move at the right time. As the number of year is changed on the calendar, it is about time for the management of software-houses to get them familiarized with new trends of project management. In this article, we share the best practices, leadership & management trends, and solutions to help project manag [...]

30 free books! Leave a comment on this post by 2/17/2017 to become eligible to win one of thirty complimentary copies of Mark Millers new book, Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture.… Continue reading → [...]

Are you looking to go for a project management certifications this year? Check out my comprehensive guide on all the online training courses that will help you achieve it. You'll also like: Project Management Certification Questions [Video] This video answers the questions, “How effective is online project management training?” and “Why is the PMP exam so difficult?” These are the questions you... PMI Launches Agile Certification Agile techniques are increasingly important to project manage [...]

How to share data between App Extension and Host Since app extensions run as part of a host application rather than their containing app (i.e. your app extension runs in somebody elses app), data sharing isn’t automatic. App extensions and hosts can share data via App Groups. App Groups are shared containers both App Extensions […] [...]

People don't change because they're told to change. They change because smart companies make them want to change. It involves games, nudges, and habits. The post Hey, Join My New Project! appeared first on NOOP.NL. [...]

If you want people to take responsibility, hold yourself accountable. Hold yourself accountable. Invite others to hold you accountable. Expect others to take responsibility. 4 powerful expressions of leadership accountability*. Devote yourself to… Continue reading → [...]