Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Henrik Kniberg

by Arnold Burian

Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Henrik Kniberg
Talks from Scrum Australia 2014 – Sydney, Australia.

In his keynote at Scrum Australia 2014, Henrik Kniberg examines what agile culture really means, and how companies like Spotify try to stay agile with over 60 development teams. He’ll decipher words like Squad, Chapter, Guild, and Tribe, and concepts such as Minimum Viable Bureaucracy and Limited Blast Radius. He also goes through some of the challenges that Spotify is dealing with right now.

About Henrik Kniberg:
Henrik Kniberg is an Agile/Lean coach at Crisp in Stockholm, working primarily with Spotify. He enjoys helping companies succeed with both the technical and human sides of software development. During the past 15 years he has been CTO of 3 Swedish IT companies and helped many more get started with Agile and Lean software development.

Henrik is former board member of the Agile Alliance and works regularly with Mary Poppendieck, Jeff Sutherland, Alistair Cockburn, and other thought leaders. He is the author of “Scrum and XP from the Trenches” and “­Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both” and “Lean from the Trenches“. These books are available in over 12 languages, have over 500,000 readers, and are used as primary guide to Agile and Lean software development by hundreds of companies worldwide.­

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