Good Design, Part III: Refactoring

Check out Good Design, Part III: Refactoring by Rob Myers. Here is an excerpt: Remember this? public static ProductBean installProduct(String p) { ProductBean pi = new ProductBean(p); Connection c = new Connection(“$Updates”); for (Record x : c.getAllForKey(“PLUG_INS”, “P_NAME”, p)) { // validate serial number if (“SNUM”.equals(x.getString(“RECORD_TYPE”))) {… The full article is available here.

Software Testing in Agile Methodology The word “Agile” itself goes with the meaning “move quickly” and so the testing. In agile testing, no conventional testing practices are applicable to wait until the entire development cycle activities are completed, whereas the testing is closely intact with the development and is done in parallel as and when a piece of code […]

Agile Methodology

Agile software engineering combines a philosophy and a set of development guidelines. The philosophy encourages customer satisfaction and early incremental delivery of software; small, highly motivated project teams; informal methods; minimal software engineering work products, and overall development simplicity. The development guidelines stress delivery over analysis and design (although these activities are not discouraged), and […]