Workfront Project Management: Introduction to the New Workfront (formerly AtTask)

Discover more at The new Workfront drives enterprise productivity by increasing adoption and visibility. Workfront has once again further separated from traditional project management vendors by solving enterprise team challenges. Designed for enterprise work — Workfront has navigation paths that are more intuitive, designed for every player on a team, not just for one […]

Software Testing in Agile Methodology The word “Agile” itself goes with the meaning “move quickly” and so the testing. In agile testing, no conventional testing practices are applicable to wait until the entire development cycle activities are completed, whereas the testing is closely intact with the development and is done in parallel as and when a piece of code […]

Agile Methodology

Agile software engineering combines a philosophy and a set of development guidelines. The philosophy encourages customer satisfaction and early incremental delivery of software; small, highly motivated project teams; informal methods; minimal software engineering work products, and overall development simplicity. The development guidelines stress delivery over analysis and design (although these activities are not discouraged), and […]

What Goes Into a Project Management Status Report

Find out what it is that goes into a project status report by watching this video from It will explain how you create a project status report and present this to your manager in a quick and professional manner. The original video is available here.

Master’s in Project Management: Student Testimonials

Students from the master’s in Project Management program share their experiences. The program primes students to manage and lead businesses through some of today’s greatest challenges. Students not only gain a deeper understanding of the project management lifecycle, but also master the competencies needed to think critically, balance competing demands, and communicate with diverse stakeholders. […]