Business Analysis Training: Agile in less than 20 mins!

Negotiate Please watch: “Business Analyst Training for Beginners: Negotiation” Dont register unless you want to grow ina new career ad are ready to work your ass off Feb 16th 2017 730 PM EST Join me for the next webinar on Feb 16th, If you missed it on Jan 18th Interview training for all […]

What is Agile Methodology Explain Its advantages Interview Question

What is Agile Methodology Explain Its advantages Interview Question What is Agile Methodologies ? Interview questions and answers” : Agile development is a different way of managing IT development teams and projects. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Develop small, incremental […]

Seven Reasons for Agile Software Development : Introduction to Waterfall Model

This series of videos explain seven reasons for moving to Agile Software Development. In this introductory video, we discuss the traditional software development model, Waterfall. The subsequent videos discuss more about reasons for moving to Agile. Speaker: Raja (Rajamanickam), Enterprise Agile Coach, ProXL Consulting email: [email protected] , Linked in Profile: Music: Kevin MacLeod ( […]

Agile Project Management: Scrum & Sprint Demystified

Agile Project Management, Agile Sprint and Agile Scrum… explained in minutes by our expert at, right here! Devin Deen of introduces a ‘no fluff’ video that demystifies Agile Methodology and it’s role in project management, in a few short minutes. Want to fully understand the Agile approach? Watch as Devin shares his whiteboard […]

Introduction to PM: What’s So Great About Project Management? OK, so you’ve heard of project management. But what’s so great about it? Greg Balestrero (Strategic Advisor on Corporate Consciousness, Leadership & Sustainability, IIL) shares some of project management’s key concepts, how it’s used, and why it should matter to you. Contact [email protected] to find out how this video can be customized for your […]

What is Agile Testing? Agile testing methodology with examples

What is Agile Testing methodology? Also want to learn software testing with BEST online courses? Visit: In this tutorial you will learn: agile testing scrum testing agile testing methodology agile methodology in testing agile testing methodologies what is agile testing agile test agile testing process agile software testing what is scrum in agile testing […]

Is Agile Methodology effective for IT Infrastructure Projects? | Simplilearn ABDULLA PATHAN DELIVERY DIRECTOR – VICE PRESIDENT POLARIS FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES Topic: Is it possible to use Agile methodology for large IT Infrastructure projects?? Get insights on Agile methodology and how it impacts IT infrastructure projects by Abdullah Pathan, an IT professional currently working with Polaris Financial Technologies as VP – Delivery Director. He is […]