Check out Facilitation Advice From the Gamestorming Community by David Mastronardi. Here is an excerpt:

On May 4th we asked for your help: to share wisdom with students preparing to facilitate their first workshop. Your response flooded our inbox; it was reflective, generous, vulnerable and helpful. Thank you scrum masters, designers, authors, consultants, coaches, teachers, students and…

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Check out Humanizing Work Show Season 2 Finale: What Are the Top Characteristics That Make a Team Great? We’re Asking the Adobe Audition Team. by Richard Lawrence. Here is an excerpt:

Industry leader, @Adobe, is known for its innovation in the creative industry, allowing creatives to do what they do best with the help of innovative tools. Audio professionals look to Adobe to help them create their best work with the use of Adobe Audition, an audio editing, mixing, and…

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I often get asked the question of how do I get a job as a project manager without experience in a specific industry.
It’s hard to answer as many recruiters are looking for different things.
A couple of tips include trying to increase your experience through volunteering or by taking on projects which have a degree of cross-over.
However one of the best tactics is to promote the benefits of having little industry experience but great project management skills.
There is an abundance of research which suggests that project managers with little industry experience actually manage projects better than those who have a high degree of industry experience

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Check out Staying Aware by [email protected] Here is an excerpt:

It seems that sales of the new book (Sourdough Bread Made Easy: second edition) have taken off. My first thoughts were that everyone had been awaiting it with glee. My second thoughts were that with the Covid-19 pandemic and lock down, more people were staying in and baking their own bread. That…

The full article is available here.

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