The Different Agile Approaches XP Scrum Lean Kanban Scrumban

by Arnold Burian

Get an overview of Agile approaches starting with eXtreme Programming (XP) & Scrum and then hear about Lean-Agile and its team oriented Kanban for software process.

Early Agile methods have been overly-team centric and have eschewed management. While 2nd generation Agile methods build on a decades old history of Lean thinking and have extended agility in three ways that are not only required for an enterprise engagement but also for creating synergies that improve Agile at the team level:

– Extending the Team to across the Enterprise
– Extending Individual skill sets to Systemic Thinking
– Extending the Worker to include Management

TOPICS DISCUSSED will include:

* How the new Agile team methods of Kanban and Scrumban fit into the larger picture of enterprise, management and systems.
Why the low success rate at the business level is a direct result of first Agile generation methods’ focus on the team while eschewing systems thinking.
* The different Lean-Agile Methods
* Lean-Agile and Kanban address many of the issues that late adopters to Agile have intuitively felt are necessary for a mature organization. While many of these have been sometimes ridiculed by early agile methods, these concerns are a part of Lean-Agile / Kanban.

The original video is available here.

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