Agile Methodology: When to Use Agile Methodology for Software Development

by Arnold Burian

Dream Orbit uses agile development methodology for developing software for logistics & supply chain industry.In this video, they talk about which software projects are best suited for implementing Agile Software Development Process.

software product development requires a flexible yet fast software development process. Agile development methodology is best suited for this need. Agile methodology overcomes the limitations of traditional software development methodologies.

Logistics and supply chain industry is evolving rapidly. New technologies are transforming the industry. Companies that develop supply chain software or logistics software can no longer afford long development cycles with unpredictable outcomes.
Agile methodology, through its short release cycles and focus on customer, can help ISVs develop supply chain software faster and better. Current trends in supply chain management technology – big data analytics, mobile computing and Cloud technology such as SaaS TMS – are putting pressure on ISVs to add new features faster. Agile development methodology is best suited to achieve these goals.

Outsourced software product development works best when the development team and customer work together throughout the software development process. Agile software development process is the only option for companies that want to outsource software product development.

Watch this video to see how your company can use Agile methodology to develop supply chain software or logistics Software.

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The original video is available here.

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