Brian Barr – Lean and Agile – A Mindset – Not Just A Methodology, August 26, 2015

by Arnold Burian

Topic: Lean and Agile – A Mindset – Not Just A Methodology Speaker: Brian Barr, CEO & President, Agile Trailblazers®

Because of today’s demands for businesses to deliver new products rapidly, the software delivery world is rapidly moving from traditional project methodologies like Waterfall over to Lean and Agile frameworks. This session introduces Lean and Agile concepts and frameworks, compares these frameworks to more traditional software delivery methodologies, describes the key problems these frameworks can solve for businesses, and then provides an introduction to the most popular Agile framework, Scrum.

In this presentation attendees will learn:

Deeper understanding of the key benefits for moving from Waterfall to Agile
Deeper understanding of the Lean and Agile mindset and how these frameworks are not just about methodology, but require an organizational mindset change
Introductory level understanding of Scrum, the most popular Agile framework
About the Speaker:

Brian Barr is co-founder and CEO of Agile Trailblazers® – a management and software delivery consultancy focused on Business Transformation, DevOps, and Solution Delivery. Brian is a proven leader in strategizing, planning, and implementing large-scale company transformations and he has extraordinary success using his experience and expertise in lean and agile methods to lead his clients to tangible and significant results. Brian regularly contributes to the software delivery and Agile communities through many speaking engagements and article publications. Prior to AgileTrailblazers, Brian applied his expertise in lean and agile frameworks as the Senior Director of DevOps at Capital One. While there, Brian provided thought leadership and strategic consulting to the enterprise agile transformation of 500+ development teams. He led the introduction of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)™ as the primary scaling framework for enterprise agile adoption. Brian has also successfully led other large-scale Agile transformations at ING Direct and Siemens.

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