Workfront Project Management: Introduction to the New Workfront (formerly AtTask)

by Arnold Burian

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The new Workfront drives enterprise productivity by increasing adoption and visibility.

Workfront has once again further separated from traditional project management vendors by solving enterprise team challenges.

Designed for enterprise work — Workfront has navigation paths that are more intuitive, designed for every player on a team, not just for one person in the back office.

Increases productivity — Leveraging a next-generation social platform featuring innovation such as comprehensive in-line editing, document collaboration, and rapid report building; workers can spend more time being productive and less time managing their work.

Streamlines collaboration — Workfront connects seamlessly with online document management solutions like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Docs; supports global enterprises by providing more than 160 currencies and 8 languages; and integrates with Outlook to offer the power of Workfront within the Outlook email interface.

And much, much more.

The new Workfront drives enterprise productivity by increasing user adoption and visibility. Contact us now to discover how easy it is to use Workfront. Call: 866-441-0001

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