Agile: Develop change in the world | Lauren Hutchison | TEDxFSCJ

by Arnold Burian

Whether it’s the string of open tabs across our web browser, or reading multiple online reviews before buying anything, or rechecking social media to see if our latest post has received enough likes, the digital age can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yet information technology can also help us uncomplicate our lives, explains Lauren Hutchison. Agile methodology, a technique originally designed for software developers, can be applied to projects all around us—whether it’s getting children to school, cleaning up a river, or becoming a role model. At its core, Hutchison observes, agile teaches us to simplify: focus on what we did last, what we should do next, and what barriers stand in our way. Until we begin this cycle, the only barrier is ourselves. Lauren Hutchison is a project manager at and honor student at Florida State College at Jacksonville in the IT Management B.A.S. program. While practicing software development methodologies daily—in the industry and when studying—she found a non-technical way to apply “agile” concepts to goals outside work and the classroom. Hutchison is owner of the blog, an aspiring entrepreneur, mentor to peers and other students, volunteer in the education department for the St. Johns Riverkeeper nonprofit organization, member of the STARS Computing Corps and recipient of the 2018 Unsung Heroines Award (FSCJ Student category). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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