IT Project Manager Career: 3 Reasons to Consider It

by Arnold Burian

The IT Project Manager career should be at the top of possible career paths you must consider. You can become an IT PM even if you don’t have a technical background, a degree, or certifications.

The career of an IT Project Manage comes with a higher salary and challenging work to do. For example, a software project manager gets 82% more than any other non-project management role.

But the main question is how to start the IT Project Manager career?

There’s a lot of confusion with it. Most likely you think you need a PMP certification, management certificate, or even an MBA. However, there’s a huge variety of projects for an IT project manager. Smaller projects do not require any special training or a degree.



How to Become an IT Project Manager



-==Books I Recommend==-

PMBOK Guide:

Business Acumen:



PMP Preparation:

PM Novel:



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