Agile Methodology in PMBOK 6th Edition – ProThoughts Webinar

by Arnold Burian

ProThoughts Webinar recording based on “Agile Methodology in PMBOK 6th” presented by expert Mr. Ashish Sadekar – Founder & Director – ProThoughts | PfMP | PMP | PgMP | Scrum Master

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The video demonstrates the Agile methodology is something that big companies like
Google, Spotify, IBM are already using.
The waterfall method was an old school method where the client gets to see the final
result of the project only after completion of the project. It used to create havoc
because what clients asked you may differ from what they were expecting.
The agile methodology includes clients effectively in the project. They can see the
project progress from the very beginning to the end.
Let's say you are making a custom automobile. In the waterfall strategy, the client
will see the result when it is entirely ready. It is not necessary; the outcome will be
precisely what the client was expecting.
But agile methodology breaks the project in chunks. Like they will make engine and
seats first and add-ons like wind-shield wiper and cushions later. In this way, the
client will be able to see the progress of the projects frequently. In this way, the client
can give you feedback, and changes can be made accordingly in the early stages.
Agile methodology is not an unknown term in software development. According to
TCS, the projects that used to took three years with a waterfall strategy completed in
just nine months with agile methodology.
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