What is Agile Project Management? A Deep Dive into Agile PM

by Arnold Burian

Agile Project Management is just that — agile. And, it’s more of an attitude than a “thing.” Watch to learn all about Agile Project Management, Agile concepts, planning an Agile iteration, and more.

Like Agile Software Development, Agile Project Management is an approach to planning and guiding processes in small sections, called iterations. In software development, these small sections are a single development cycle.

The main benefit of Agile Project Management, or APM, is its ability to respond to issues as they arise, and make necessary changes at the right time. This usually saves time and resources, and ensures a project is completed on time and within budget.

In this video, you’ll learn Agile concepts, how APM works, initiating an Agile project, planning an iteration, building a product increment, holding an iteration review, adapting to changes, and more.

Skip ahead:
2:24 What is Agile?
7:32 Agile Manifesto and principles
15:11 What is Agile project management?
22:24 Agile coaching
28:49 The Agile life cycle
1:04:34 The nature of change

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