Agile Ceremonies Explained Using a Restaurant Example

by Arnold Burian

When first learning or adapting the Agile Methodology of project management, there is often confusion from many involved about the general purpose and aim of the various agile or Scrum ceremonies. This video aims to help explain the agile / scrum ceremonies of:
Sprint Planning [Iteration Planning]
Sprint Review [Sprint Demo or Iteration Review]
Sprint Retrospective
Backlog Refinement [Product Backlog Grooming]
Daily Standups [Daily Scrums]

These ceremonies have a very particular purpose in every sprint. Sprints or iterations can be of any length. Commonly, projects operate on a two week sprint. In this example, I wanted to present a variation of the two week sprint cadence in a simplistic restaurant example. In this simplified agile example, the sprint is reduced to a four hour timebox. In that timebox, the agile team, product owner, and Scrum Master / Project Manager incorporate the agile ceremonies as project team may do in a longer timebox.

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam is being updated on January 2, 2021 to include more agile practices and principles. As such, The Crowd Training and its dynamic, interactive PM City learning content is updating as well. The addition of agile methodologies to the PMP exam is a very welcomed rearrangement. As a professional enterprise agile coach, in addition to being a long time project management instructor and practitioner, the incorporation of agile methods to the project manager’s toolbag is going to make every project manager more powerful and productive.

Look for more agile project management based videos coming over the latter half of 2020 in preparation for the updated release of PM City. More information about PM City and The Crowd Training offerings are at

The original video is available here.

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