Project Management in under 8 minutes

by Arnold Burian

Project Management can be simple! You don’t need lots of Maths, or forms, or PRINCE2, just the common sense APM method which I have explained here as a twelve step process for planning and then doing your project.. This 8 minute talk tells you all the main points, but of course there is more to learn than this – if you think it looks good then come on one of my courses!

The 12 steps are
– define the project
– list the tasks
– estimate the cost and time of each task
– plan the dependencies and longest route
– speed up the project plan if necessary
– create a Gantt chart (I love Gantt charts)
– check you have the resources required
– think about risk
Start the project
– monitor progress
– monitor cost
– adjust your plan if necessary
– review and learn from what happened

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