47 PMBOK® Guide Processes in 30 Mins – PMP Exam Training – Project Management 101

by Arnold Burian

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I created this video to help those who are interested in the project management and the PMBOK® Guide get familiar with the 47 processes discussed in the standard without breaking a sweat cracking open the behemoth-like standard.

Each process is like a tool in a toolbox of what you COULD use on a PARTICULAR day or on a particular project. See them as members of a team with different behaviors and personalities.

Sometimes you may need a particular 20% of them on one project and other times it could be a totally different 20%. Sometimes it could be 50% or even 100% due to certain project types or company enforced protocols.

The more you know them, the better for you and your firm and the easier it will be for you to know which processes to use for each project.

The original video is available here.

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