Complete Agile Methodology and Scrum process Tutorial

by Arnold Burian

Using this tutorial u will learn how to work in Agile methodology in the software industry.

Important information.
1. Product owner, Scrum master and team member.
product owner will decide the which user stories need to work.
Scrum master will remove all obstacles of the developers
team member will estimate the task time lines and need to work efficiently.

2. Sprint should be 2 to 4 weeks.
3. Team should be 7+ or – 2, i.e in between 5 to 9.
4. if we consider 3 weeks sprint, total 15 working days will come. First 2 days analysis, 2nd day end of day need to clarify all user stories with the product owner. next 10 days i.e 3 to 12 th day development work after that 13th day testing and 14th day bug fixing and 15 day will be the demo.

5. In the sprint every day scrum meeting will be there, in the meeting, every team member should tell what did yesterday and what are obstacles and what need to do today.

6. After completion of the sprint retro spect wil be there, i.e 16 th day, topics are what went wrong in the last sprint and what went right.

The original video is available here.

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