What is project management?

by Arnold Burian

In this video you will learn:

• What is project management?
• When do we use project management?
• Why do we use project management?

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Everywhere you look, projects are underway. Whether you’re recruiting a new member of staff or constructing the world’s tallest building, every project needs a manager to ensure its success; someone with their eye on every detail, at every stage, from inception to completion.

Put simply, project management is about getting things done.

It’s about knowing exactly what you want to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and how long it will take. It’s about ensuring that everyone involved shares and understands those aims, before the first steps are taken, and that they continue to as the end of the project – whatever it is – draws closer.

Because successful projects don’t just happen. They’re not just a long list of jobs to be done, they are a masterpiece of planning, management, organisation and communication; a carefully choreographed sequence of events, where progress is smooth and steady, one step leads seamlessly to the next, and every possible hitch has been considered and countered.

A successful project needs people with the right skills and knowledge at its heart. Working together, a well-managed, motivated team with clear roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines, will carry a project to its conclusion without compromising on time, cost or quality.

Project management is a wonderful thing – but it’s easy to forget how the world might look without it. Because, at its best, project management is virtually invisible. It is the absence of problems and the prevention of failure.

But behind every successful project – whether it’s changing the way a company works or the organisation of an important event – there’s an unsung hero: The project manager, who kept everything and everyone on track to ensure the delivery of the desired result.

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