Basecamp Project Management Review

by Arnold Burian

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Basecamp is one of the many project management vendors listed in TechnologyAdvice’s database. Since it’s our mission to advise, educate and connect buyers and sellers of business technology, we decided to provide you with a brief software review as well as a first-hand look at the user interface.

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This video is intended to help those looking for Basecamp project management software or for project management software video reviews.

Basecamp is web-based and runs in the cloud on the company’s servers. Featuring an intuitive and attractive interface, upgrades and updates are automatic. Basecamp is compatible with nearly every computing format commonly used in the business world today, including PC, Mac,iPhone/iPad, and Android, and it’s also accessible via email. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery means that it can be accessed via an Internet connection anywhere in the world. All the features you’d expect in a well-built project management tool are included, and configuring Basecamp for your specific needs is easy. Additionally, there are a huge number of third-party integrations, apps, and add-ons available for and through Basecamp to further customize the experience to your needs. The company encourages development by making its API readily available, and publishes user-developed and 3rd-party apps. To support its product and users, Basecamp also offers free online classes on a weekly basis, along with regular live question-and-answer sessions. Monthly subscriptions start at $20 per month, with no limit on the number of users—package prices are determined by the number of supported projects and storage space.

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