Top 10 Agile Metrics

by Arnold Burian

Our top 10 Metrics reveal the most fundamental data points Agile methodology requires to work effectively, and will put you on the highly targeted path to successful implementation of your Agile processes.

XBOSoft and Go2Group run through the top data points you should be measuring in your Agile Workflow. We’ll show you what to track, when and how often, and most importantly – why.

Many believe that metrics are useless, but unless you measure, how can you systematically improve or know how you are doing? And with velocity as an overarching objective in agile, you should be tracking other things so that you know what else you could be impacting by going faster. But, with all the metrics so readily available to us today, how do we filter through to the most meaningful? Watch our recorded webinar to understand the Top 10 Agile Metrics of today.

The original video is available here.

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