Women in Project Management

by Arnold Burian

The project management industry has been traditionally associated with predominantly male dominated sectors, like construction, rail and manufacturing.

Today however project management is present across every sector, and there is an increasing demand for good project managers. Project Management is now seen as a real career option because of this and it’s a real career option for women.

To assist with the promotion of project management as a career choice for women the APM Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group have produced a video which demonstrates how exciting and rewarding it can be.

The APM Women in Project Management (WiPM) specific interest group (SIG) have developed this video for distribution to interested parties alongside a fact sheet (obtainable by emailing events@apm.org.uk) to really showcase project management as an option when young women are considering a career path.

WiPM addresses the development and promotion of women working in project management environments and works to maximise the availability of expertise in the project management profession.

We actively promote investment in gender diversity to ensure that all project managers have the potential to develop a highly rewarding career, supporting both men and women in their efforts to maintain a balance between the many demands imposed on them whilst striving to retain their own identity.

Our mission is to:
1) Develop a powerful profile for women in the profession
2) Promote a no-barrier culture
3) Engage with and respond to project professionals
4) Build a collaborative community

The original video is available here.

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