Allocating Resources with a Timeline View | Project Management in Airtable

by Arnold Burian

If you manage resources over time, ensuring that your resources aren’t overcommitted is vital. In this Airtable tutorial, I show you how to measure your resource utilization inside of the Airtable Timeline View. 👇


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Table of Contents: 📖 👇

00:00 – What this video covers
01:16 – Outlining our Structure
03:39 – The four Required Fields
08:15 – Creating a Timeline View
09:39 – Limit the dates to the Workweek
10:35 – Fixing the “Many” Resource Problem
12:17 – Adding the Utilization Function
15:14 – Reallocating our Resources
17:12 – How to Get More Help!


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The original video is available here.

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