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Here are the slides from my keynote “Agile Everywhere” at Lean Forum, Gothenburg. Great conference, great atmosphere! Very inspiring to hang out with a bunch of super-experienced practitioners. I love conferences where it’s clear that everyone is there to learn and spread knowledge. It’s funny though, in lean circles like this I’m often known as the read more » [...]

Occasionally, I’ve been asked to help design team rooms for a client.  They may have been planning to hire an ergonomic architect/designer in addition to an Agile Coach.  Great, but before they got that far, I had two suggestions for them: Involve your existing Agile team members in discussions in order to uncover their Read More The post A Recipe for an Agile Team Space appeared first on Agile For All. [...]

I tweeted about the SCOTUS situation. Seems I need to make myself more clear. [...]

As long-term readers likely know I am a big fan of the idea of collective intelligence and big proponent of optimizing teams toward high collective intelligence. First, what is collective intelligence? The easiest way of explaining that is through the comparison to individual intelligence (IQ). While IQ tests differ in type the pattern is similar: […] [...]

Developing a successful product is not down to luck or trying hard enough. Instead, product success starts with making the right strategic decisions. But as product people, we are often so preoccupied with the tactics—be it dealing with an urgent support request or writing new user stories—that we sometimes no longer see the wood for the trees. In the worst case, we neglect the strategic work and end up with an unsuccessful product. To avoid this pitfall, you should establish an effective produc [...]

Here is the flipchart from my talk “Confessions of a Change Agent” at Agile Rock conference in Kiev. Click for a zoomed in version. Crazy & fun trip! Apart from my ending keynote and some random agile conversations, I spent most of the conference jamming on stage,  signing books, and being in pulled in for read more » [...]

Here are the slides from my agile intro at KTH last week. Hope you enjoyed it! Some sample pics:     [...]

Some early unfocused thoughts around original XP practices and what I might say today. [...]

Radical Self-Organization is a way I tend to label organizational design that we adopted at Lunar Logic. It’s been dubbed The Lunar Way too on occasions. Anyway, it draws from different approaches to design organizational structure in a very flat, non-hierarchical way. Describing what we do is probably worth a separate post on its own, […] [...]

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