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I?ve been removing a couple of dead features this week. You know, those features that senior people in organisations like to tell epic war stories about. Those mighty conversations at dinner parties, where a person involved talks about all the pain and sorrow, about how a particular capability ended up in the software, how (crappy) […] The post The Burden of Features in Software appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

Learn 8 ways to make your command line experience on Mac really sing. These tips and tricks will have you falling in love with your command prompt all over again. The post 8 Ways to Trick Out Your Bash Experience on Mac appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

Setting goals in an Agile organization is not only reasonable. It's necessary. The post Goal Setting in an Agile World appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

I’m in crisis mode.I can use your help. My Agility Scales startup has failed (so far) and is temporarily on hold, waiting for an opportunity to pivot. [...]

Want to feel like a Jedi master without the years of training? Get a scaled, multi-machine, multi-core parallel processing job spooled up in Azure Batch. The computing power at your fingertips is There are lots of scenarios that call for batch computing. Image processing, file ETL/ELT, risk modeling, processing payroll, etc. The basic idea of […] The post Batch Computing on Azure appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development is pretty long in the tooth. That transformative document was created in 2001, 18 years old at the time of this writing. The resulting humble web page ignited a conversation which ultimately changed the way software is written and delivered. Agile techniques have leaked successfully into other types of […] The post Traditional Agile is now missing the point appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

Building a Node.js and React.js full stack app can have its tooling annoyances, one of which is getting the Node.js server to allow your requests in from your webpack-dev-server hosted React app, which is going to be running on a different port than your Node application. There are many ways to develop around this, but […] The post CORS your dev environment for Node.js and React.js appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

27 Sep 2019 James Shore/Calendar On October 16th, at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, I’ll be presenting a half-day workshop on using test-driven development without mock objects. This is a great session for programmers who want to learn new ways to improve their tests. Are your tests slow and brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry your unit tests aren’t actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from using t [...]

27 Sep 2019 James Shore/Calendar I’m giving a talk at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland on October 15th. The title is “Agile Without Dedicated QA:” In the early days of Agile, methods such as Extreme Programming advocated for shipping without a QA phase. In fact, they often didn’t have dedicated testers—or even bug-tracking systems. And yet there are stories of these teams producing an order of magnitude fewer defects than normal. What did these teams do, and why did [...]

I’m running an experiment by blogging on another platform and linking to those posts from I don’t know if this is an effective model, but this post will help me learn. Data, data, and more data: Bringing it all together As the host of the Azure for Industry Podcast and I recently sat down […] The post Data, data, and more data appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

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