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Agile Chef As a real ‘Foody’ I love to spend hours in the kitchen and experimenting. I also watch a lot of TV shows and documentaries about food. The other day I was watching an episode on Michelin star Chef’s and this one was about Richard van Oostenbrugge. He recently received his first Michelin star […] The post Agile Chef appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

Some time ago, I had a lengthy exchange about how we work at Lunar Logic, which behaviors are OK and which are not. At one point in the discussion, I realized that the source of the different stances in the dispute was a very different perception of what organizational culture is. Organizational Culture When I’m […] [...]

Most meaningful work happens in teams so to further expand the Humanizing Work movement and conversation we are taking season 2 to focus on teams. Richard Lawrence and Peter Green dive into what makes teams great, what gets in their way and what we can learn from various kinds of teams. In the Read More The post Humanizing Work Show Season 2 Premiere appeared first on Agile For All. [...]

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