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I’ve updated my round up of the best personal development books: Personal Development Books I read a lot of personal development books to explore and expand what I’m capable of and to help me realize my full potential. Sometimes a book has only one or two actionable insights or ideas. Other books are like a... [...]

In every Professional Scrum Development class, we touch upon both technical and collaboration practices to help improve the development teams explore new options. In a recent class, we had two teams that, after two sprints, hadn’t been able to deliver any “Done” increment to show at the Sprint Review. They were plagued by all […] The post Use Mob Programming to maximize your learning appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

You’re likely to have been asked the question: “we need to go faster, how many more people do we need?” Most people naturally understand that just adding a random number of people isn’t likely to make us any faster in the short run. So how do you scale Scrum to the limit? And what are […] The post Scaling Scrum to the limit appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

About 40 people gathered at the nlScrum meetup dedicated to physical and digital tools for the agile workspace. Tools that help developers, coaches and trainers to survive in the toughest environments. We broke the evening up into a hybrid between an Open Space and your local Farmers’ market with people displaying their wares and the […] The post Physical and Digital tools for Scrum Masters and their teams appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

I’ve updated my round up of the best productivity books: Productivity Books I read a lot of productivity books to improve my speed, focus, strategies, energy, flow, and results. Sometimes a book has only one or two actionable insights or ideas. Other books are like a garden of great ideas – brimming with new models... [...]

What will happen as we turn AI toward our code? This article examines this idea and paints a possible near-future state of software design. The post Turning AI Toward Software Itself appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

I created a Productivity Hub Page on Sources of Insight to help you learn and master productivity. A hub page is simply an organized roundup of resources that you can easily jump to from the main page. On my Productivity Hub Page, you'll find deep productivity articles, productivity books, free productivity training, productivity checklists, free... [...]

My buddy Dan showed me this cool trick for two finger zooming on the mac. Open Accessibility in Preferences and select Zoom, then Use scroll gesture with modifier. Now when you see something you want to zoom into on the screen, hold down control, x2 finger swipe up, and move the mouse around and you […] [...]

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