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A Twitter conversation and some reading has triggered some new, and probably some old, thoughts on estimation and the #noEstimates tag and meme. [...]

We should stop talking about frameworks because frameworks put limits on what is possible. Innovative organizations should not feel constrained by frameworks. The post Shiftup Is Not a Framework appeared first on NOOP.NL. [...]

I keep thinking of this quote: A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over with a working simple system.  John Gall, The Systems Bible My startup needs to pivot because our product doesn’t work. We tried many things and worked hard for two years, but nothing we did resulted in good enough tracti [...]

Ever since I started my company Agility Scales, my vision has been pretty clear: organizational change through gamification and new technologies. I had no idea how to achieve this vision, but I knew that the idea made sense. When I hired my first team members, I told them it was like climbing a mountain but not knowing on which side to do that. The destination was clear, but the paths were missing. Over the last two years, we experimented with many ideas using our Mind Settlers app and website. [...]

A client recently asked me if a unit test could test multiple objects. On the surface, you might suppose my immediate answer would be “No way!” But his question, and my answer were both a bit more nuanced than that. His question was based on my definition of a “unit” of software as a Read More The post Can a Unit of Behavior Span Objects? appeared first on Agile For All. [...]

A bit of a screed about naming, triggered by a super idea from Dan Terhorst-North. [...]

Industry leader, @Adobe, is known for its innovation in the creative industry, allowing creatives to do what they do best with the help of innovative tools. Audio professionals look to Adobe to help them create their best work with the use of Adobe Audition, an audio editing, mixing, and creation tool. Who was behind Read More The post Humanizing Work Show Season 2 Finale: What Are the Top Characteristics That Make a Team Great? We’re Asking the Adobe Audition Team. appeared first on Agile For A [...]

A. If you are asking this as a very senior person, it’s really hard to get people to be very honest with leaders and managers and so you have to accept that at some level your first step might actually be to… But let’s go beyond that, suppose you’re asking people who are essentially your … Q: I’ve tried to follow your advice about learning about past failed initiatives. But I can’t get people to be honest with me! How do I get real answers? Read More » This content is reserved for #CindyAlvarezF [...]

A. If people say they want something – and they have expressed that intent and they talk about why it’s valuable – but they don’t follow through, it’s because… For the complete answer, watch this #CindyAlvarezFoundry Office Hours video: This content is reserved for #CindyAlvarezFoundry members. Learn More The post Q: There’s a training we need people to go through – teams keep saying they need it, but when it comes to committing the time, they keep putting it off. How do we get them to follow th [...]

A. First of all, don’t take silence as agreement or understanding. It never is. When people agree, they say: “yes and I have this other idea…” When people are silent in meetings or even in 1:1 conversations, it usually means… For the complete answer, watch this #CindyAlvarezFoundry Office Hours video: This content is reserved for #CindyAlvarezFoundry members. Learn More The post Q: No one asks questions or has comments — so I have no idea what my team is thinking. What should I do? appeared firs [...]

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