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There was a thread on Twitter talking about Agile being anti-management. No, it's much more radical than that. [...]

How does transparency feel? Early in my career, I had an occasion to experience that. I was working in a typical organization where lots of things, payroll included, were secrets. Then the salary list leaked out. It wasn’t a huge leak, i.e. it didn’t go public, but I was close enough to the source that […] [...]

At a certain point, you start to finish each other’s statements. Teams that have been together for a while can breed a sort of shorthand in their communication. This has a lot of upsides, but it can also cause, for example, predictable retrospectives. Retrospectives should trigger learning and improvement. When they become predictable I feel […] The post Shut the door and listen from outside appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

Sprints, Iterations, Cadences, Continuous Flow. Planning sessions, daily scrums, retrospectives, increment reviews. Are these all, in the end, overhead to be eliminated along the way to some Agile Nirvana? [...]

A couple of people asked me to list all the technical skills required in order to do Agile Software Development. I can't do that, but I can do this. [...]

How do we recognize when the way we’re  “doing Scrum“ is impeding our Agility? Two alternative scenarios are possible: The Team has fully internalized Agile[1] practice in the past but now seems to be sleepwalking through the Ceremonies[2]: the Team’s Agile practice has gotten stale, we’re sleepwalking through Scrum. The Team hasn’t experienced Agile practice […] The post Sleepwalking Through Scrum appeared first on 3Back. [...]

Why now? What conditions in the world make this the right time for a Humanizing Work movement? There are two key shifts that have happened in our working world that are really unique to our day. These Read More The post Humanizing Work Season 1 Finale: Why Now? appeared first on Agile For All. [...]

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