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Radical Self-Organization is a way I tend to label organizational design that we adopted at Lunar Logic. It’s been dubbed The Lunar Way too on occasions. Anyway, it draws from different approaches to design organizational structure in a very flat, non-hierarchical way. Describing what we do is probably worth a separate post on its own, […] [...]

I'm not going to define a new framework, and don't think I should redefine XP, as it's not my baby. But I was thinking ... [...]

System security is a top priority for any healthcare organization. There are many types of security including physical, network, application, email and so on. This article covers the system security provided by Azure Key Vault. Specifically, we examine the Key Vault implementation used in the Azure Healthcare blueprint. The intent is to demonstrate how a Key Vault […] The post How Key Vault is used to secure the Healthcare AI Blueprint appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

My buddy Dan Drzimotta showed me a really cool way to convert any svg to pdf using the following tools. First install the svg2pdf library. Setup Automator Then startup automator and create the following script. Save this (i.e. svg2pdf). Then find a svg file in your finder and convert it by right clicking on it. […] [...]

Key decision points for AI in healthcare solutions including architecture, cost, resources, process The post Accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare using Microsoft Azure blueprints appeared first on ElegantCode. [...]

On many occasions, I’ve shared how we operate at Lunar Logic. We exploit radical transparency—every single bit of information is available to everyone at the company. We exercise radical autonomy—everyone can make any decision on the company account. We entertain radical self-organization—there’s no enforced structure or hierarchy, there are no managers, and the CEO role […] [...]

As its name suggests, the sprint planning meeting sets up the sprint and establishes what can be done. While it’s an important meeting, I find that some product owners struggle with it. The following tips help you reflect on how you use the meeting and discover how you can get the most out of it. The post Sprint Planning Tips for Product Owners appeared first on Roman Pichler. [...]

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