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A lovely post by GeePawHill led to a Twitter conversation about up front design, inspiring this article. [...]

This is a small excerpt from The Nature of Software Development. It's a good reminder of some ways to think about value. [...]

We were humming along as a Team; suddenly it feels like everybody’s got two left feet. What’s going on? Sometimes when a Team hits a rough patch, after a period of really working well together, it’s hard to understand what went wrong? We’ve faced tough challenges before... this feels different. The post One Step Back, Two Steps Forward appeared first on 3Back. [...]

There is a remark on hiring I’ve heard quite a few times recently. It’s about sending a rejection message to a candidate. It goes along the lines: “Just don’t tell them that they’re not a good fit for the culture. That’s bullshit. That means nothing.” A Bad Fit I can’t say that such a remark […] [...]

Without an effective strategy, it’s hard to achieve product success. But what does strategy entail? And which tools are best suited for making strategic decisions? This article offers my answers and introduces a strategy map--a guide to the strategic decisions required to make and keep products successful. The post A Strategy Map appeared first on Roman Pichler. [...]

First some refactoring - then some behavior. [...]

I decide to follow Braitenberg's approach a bit more closely, driving the wheels at different speeds rather than rotating the vehicle. [...]

Let's Turn - making our little guy turn. And see the comments on Gross Hackery at the end of the article. [...]

I'm playing in Codea with 'Braitenberg Vehicles', just for fun. I'll be sharing what I do with you all. [...]

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