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Here is a video I create to help explain how the protocol delegate pattern works in Swift and iOS. [...]

A Medium article with an interesting mix of observation and questionable opinion inspires me to write what I hope will be the same. [...]

OK, so a friend (who shall remain anonymous) sent me a message with some very good points bout estimation. This blog post explores those statements. It will be long, and detailed. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let’s do this! The first thing I’d like to comment on is the statement My start … The post A detailed comment on the practice of estimation in Software Development – a #NoEstimates post appeared first on Software Development Today. [...]

Despite my concerns about experienced coaches advocating against practices that are often quite useful, there are a few things where I'd at least advise great caution. [...]

Some thoughts from Twitter on 'technical debt', what it is, what it isn't, and why we avoid it. [...]

Why do we do that? One word: Productivity [...]

A number of blogs, tweets and emails have crossed my 'desk' lately, gently or strongly advocating against some generally well-thought-of practices. I'm troubled by that. [...]

Are you worried your new project won’t be successful? Or afraid getting stuck applying these new techniques you just learned in a training? Or are you perhaps part of a very pro-active organization, but is a lack of focus crushing all new initiatives in the long run? At Xebia we help customers as consultants, but […] The post Pre-mortems, steering clear of the rocks. appeared first on Xebia Blog. [...]

Exploratory testing is a style of testing that emphasizes a rapid cycle of learning, test design, and test execution. Rather than trying to verify that the software conforms to a pre-written test script, exploratory testing explores the characteristics of the software, raising discoveries that will then be classified as reasonable behavior or failures. The exploratory testing mindset is a contrast to that of scripted testing. In scripted testing, test designers create a script of tests, where ea [...]

I have recently started creating and sharing videos on the Swift programming language on youtube. If you are an iOS developer, are looking to get into mobile development, check them out and level up in Swift. My latest is a video on Swift enums and tuples. What are they, how to they work, and why […] [...]

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