Choose the Right Agile Methodology With External Dependencies – Scrum VS Kanban

Software development is a set of complex tasks. Many parties involvements and coordinated participation are necessary in order to achieve results. Agile methodologies explains some guidelines and provides more multiple framework to facilitate the development process. Two well known framework is Scrum and Kanban. It is important to select the appropriate framework for effective project […]

Interested in Agile Software Development? 5 Terms You Should Know About Agile Programming

When it comes to custom software development, the agile methodology is becoming increasingly popular. The traditional waterfall model is not always as effective for teams interested in maximizing collaboration and making product changes during development. Not surprisingly, the agile approach comes with its own unique terminology. Follow along to learn more about 5 common terms […]

Construction Companies Benefit From Project Management Professionals (PMP)

Eighty percent of construction companies fail within the first two years, with another 18% joining their ranks in another three years. There are various reasons that lead to a construction company going in trouble, including general economic conditions, not being competitive, heavy operating expenses, poor accounting system or even high employee turnover, but none impact […]