Agile Project Management – Scrum Master Training

What is Scrum? Agile Project Management? Scrum Master Free Training: Read more project management and business analysis articles at my blog: VISIT US ONLINE Please visit us at our website – for blogs, pics, source details and more business analysis updates! (see what we did there?) Scrum Master Training KEYWORDS Agile Project […]

Software Development Basics – SDLC V Model Agile Methodology – Tamil / English – Deepa

This video we produced for our Java Training BE / BTECH / MCA Fresher students, Internship Training, On the Job Training and placing further. Software Development Basics – SDLC V Model Agile Methodology – Tamil / English – Deepa Hariharan – For further clippings contact: N.Sugavanam, CEO, SUGA Consulting Services, Office No.26, TNHB – Luz […]

Apply QA Testing in an Agile Development Methodology

The growing popularity of utilizing the Agile Development methodology to develop systems has changed the way software is tested. In this webinar, Joe Burns will discuss the appropriate approaches, artifacts, and metrics for successfully delivering high quality products on time in an Agile methodology. Customer experiences and real world examples will be included. Subscribe to […]

#BDAM: Agile Data Science: Full-Stack Analytics App Dev

Speaker: Russell Jurney Big Data Applications Meetup, 02/08/2017 Palo Alto, CA More info here: Link to slides: About the talk: Agile Data Science 2.0 (O’Reilly 2017) defines a methodology and a software stack with which to apply the methods. *The methodology* seeks to deliver data products in short sprints by going meta and […]

Just-In-Time Documentation: Employing Agile Methodology To Create Living Documentation

brianne hillmer In 2014, as the new documentation coordinator my challenges were: 1. Create a living knowledge base that people want to use 2. Switch from just-in-case documentation to just-in-time documentation In order to start churning out content, I designed a workflow process called Just-­In-­Time (JIT) documentation. Just In Time is actually a production […]

Project Management in the 21st Century — It’s Unofficial!!

Has your work become managing a series of projects big and small? Learn the challenges we face in achieving consistent project success. Project Management has changed in the 21st Century. More employee need the skill set of Project Managers to be successful in their current position. Franklin Covey’s Productivity practice provides skills for the Unofficial […]