Check out Beginners Guide To Project ManagementPart 20 – Keeping Stakeholders Happy by Luis Seabra Coelho. Here is an excerpt:

Bobby McFerrin in “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

After a short break (actually it was more like a year and a half break), we now continue with the Beginners Guide To Project Management, now on part 20 -…

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Project Management Tools is not only about dedicated project management software. In many cases, there are other PM tools that we use more frequently. For example, the email client. Therefore, don’t select the default one on your system. Find the one that integrates well with all other tools that you have.
My personal favorite project management software is ClickUp. And I use Outlook integrated with Zoom 95% of the time.
However, as much as possible I recommend keeping to the principle of the One Project Management tool. It means that you keep all the project information, file, and all communication in one place. You even try to substitute emails as much as possible.

00:00 | Intro
00:23 | Three Types of Project Management Software
02:26 | Critical Problem with PM Software
03:28 | PM Calendar
05:49 | Instant Messengers
06:25 | File Storage vs Wikis
07:26 | My Favorite Project Management Tool

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Check out Three things you need to stop doing when becoming an engineering manager by Matthias Marschall. Here is an excerpt:

engineering management
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You are a great software engineer with years of experience under your belt. You’ve seen too many technologies come and go to easily fall for the next hyped framework. You choose…

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