Check out Three things you need to stop doing when becoming an engineering manager by Matthias Marschall. Here is an excerpt:

engineering management
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You are a great software engineer with years of experience under your belt. You’ve seen too many technologies come and go to easily fall for the next hyped framework. You choose…

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Project Management Tutorial: Earned value analysis explained.

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Check out Project Management Q&A: How do I Make a Step Up in My PM Career? by Chris Taylor. Here is an excerpt:

I’m currently working as a Project Manager in healthcare and I’d like to take a step up to a Senior Project Manager position, how can I make this happen?

You have two options, work the…

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Product Management webinar about the product agile methodology.

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Bethany focused on choosing the right agile methodology for a given team, company size and risk assessment.

She talked about how the Agile Methodology can work for any type of team, how it’s important to look at the talent you have to determine what methodology works best for you, and how business needs can supersede a person’s ability to pursue a specific methodology

Bethany Pagels-Minor is a Senior Product Manager at Sprout Social. They have worked in technology roles within numerous multi-million to multi-billion dollar organizations. They currently work on a development team focusing on social media. Bethany is the Executive Vice Chair of Howard Brown Health, the largest LGBTQ organization in the Midwest. Whenever possible, they attempt to combine technology with philanthropy to allow nonprofit organizations to operate efficiently in the current technological climate. Bethany is a native of Mississippi and still does not understand how it can get so cold in Chicago.

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The original video is available here.

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