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Check out Agile For All’s Helpful Quote of the Week (March 24, 2021) by Bob Hartman. Here is an excerpt:

Saying “Failing fast is ok” is not helping. People simply don’t want to fail. Instead, say “Learning fast is ok” and see how often people will take risks, even when they end up failing fast!

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The process used in software development differs from traditional PM!

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Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explains the core differences between software project management and standard forms of project management.

She looks at the four key project deliverables associated with software project management, including:

1) Process Methodology (which can vary depending on the type of software being developed)

2) Resources (specifically “software developers”)

3) Constraints and Risks

4) Quality of Metrics (measuring the defects involved in software projects)

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Want to see another great video on project management? Check out 5 Steps To project Planning. See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do8iykQKMfU

The original video is available here.

Check out Q: There’s a training we need people to go through – teams keep saying they need it, but when it comes to committing the time, they keep putting it off. How do we get them to follow through? by Cindy Alvarez. Here is an excerpt:


If people say they want something – and they have expressed that intent and they talk about why it’s valuable – but they don’t follow through, it’s because…

For the complete answer, watch…

The full article is available here.

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