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I have often been asked whether Project Agency has any online courses. We do now thanks to a partnership with Mike Clayton who runs OnlinePMCourses. Mike has produced a series of online video tutorials which will enable you to develop your project management skills and abilities still…

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The early software development methodologies were limited to “code and fix” with little long-term planning, that worked fine for a small set of systems, but as the systems grew they became susceptible to bugs and were harder to run efficiently. Newer methodologies brought planning and discipline in the software development process, with the aim of making software development more efficient and flexible. The advancement of technology and greater market competition added different sets of approaches to software development methodologies.

Source: Comparison Between Agile and Traditional Software Development Methodologies

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Just got home after a three week holiday in Auckland and the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Great country, great to spend some time with son David and his wife Anneke, and great to see the Auckland Blues (after a terrible season last year according to David) win the first game of the new season…

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Tracking and Oversight are embedded in the PMBOK but the PMBOK and CMM/CMMI were developed in isolation from each other. CMM/CMMI criteria for Tracking and Oversight and those identified in the PMBOK are not mutually exclusive but may require some reconciliation. This article explains how to plan, monitor, and control your project so you will be CMM/CMMI compliant.

Source: CMM and Project Management – Tracking and Oversight – Click Here To Read The Article 5 Lessons Learned From Running A Conference. – Click Here To Discover Dazzle Pro – Click Here To Discover Straight Razors – Click Here TO Discover RibbedTee

Video Summary:
1:26 – Be Motivated
4:02 – Plan And Adjust
5:22 – Break It Up Into Smaller Pieces
6:06 – Have An Accountability Partner
6:58 – Have A Team

We all have a long list of unfulfilled aspirations.

A graveyard of unfinished projects.

Unsuccessful ventures like white-washed tombstones with unflattering epilogues.

‘Here lies the draft for an unfinished book.’

‘Buried here is a business idea that never materialized past a plan.’

‘May the soul of this unfinished degree rest in peace.’

No one starts a project expecting it to fail. And yet – a majority of our ideas, assignments, programs fall by the way-side because we underestimated the effort required to see them materialize in completion.

What’s on your plate today that will inevitably end up in the heap of unfinished aspirations? – Click Here To Read The Rest Of The Article How To Manage Huge Projects

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Spend less time, money and effort on projects than ever! It’s the quintessential Idiot’s & Dummies Guide To Project Management! Watch the video and learn from’sGuideToProjectManagement(ForDummiesAsWell) Director Jennifer Whitt,as she shares her own guide to project management for idiot’s and dummies with you.

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Check out Three things you need to stop doing when becoming an engineering manager by Matthias Marschall. Here is an excerpt:

engineering managementCreative Commons License Rainer Stropek

You are a great software engineer with years of experience under your belt. You’ve seen too many technologies come and go to easily fall for the next hyped framework. You choose the tools which get the job done and have a good chance to keep working for the years to…

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This PMP® Refresher Course is designed to help aspiring project managers who are intending to appear for PMP® exam. This PMP guide will help the candidates refresh their learning within a day. This one day class will focus on 360 degree review of The PMBOK® Guide – 5th Edition and clear any knowledge bottlenecks that could stand in the way of passing the PMP certification exam.

This PMP tutorial includes the following topics:

1.Information on PMP® Exam
2.Basic Concepts of PMP®
3.Earn Value Analysis
4.How to register for the exam?
5.Introduction to PMI® & PMP®
6.Myths About PMP®
7.Introduction to Project and Project Management
8.Factors Influencing Projects
9.Processes and Project Management Framework
10.360° Overview of the Pmbok® Guide – 5th Edition
11.Understanding Critical Path
12.Introduction to earned value management
13.Risk management and Qualitative Risk Analysis

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