Check out How to Win Over Every Audience: The 5 Stages of Successful Storytelling by Ricardo Luiz. Here is an excerpt:

Let me tell you about successful storytelling.

My grandfather used to grab my undivided attention for hours with his amazing stories of when he was younger and the world was a different place.

He was a simple country man with only four years of formal education. But that didn’t stop him from…

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This Video is part of Project Management Course, for more info visit:
Course Summary:
The purpose of the Project Management course is to provide learners with an opportunity to develop a project in which they plan and implement a new product, service or process.

Main Topics Include:
Developing a project specification
Plan for the implementation of a project
Project implementation
Project evaluation the outcomes of a project
Producer: Tony Zohari
Speaker: Juan David Zuliani

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholders’ needs and expectations from project.

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Check out How to authenticate your iOS app using the Spotify iOS SDK and the SFSafariViewController by JR. Here is an excerpt:

To help me understand all the moving pieces of the Spotify iOS SDK I created this picture here showing how to setup authentication for a basic ViewController app.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.27.18 PM.png

Spotify App

First you need to create a Spotify application and set your clientID, redirect URI, the application bundle id of your…

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Check out Cats or Dogs? Star Wars or Star Trek? Recent Developer Surveys Say… by Forsyth Alexander. Here is an excerpt:

Software dominates the world. But how well does the world know the people who develop it? Let’s look at what some recent developer surveys say.

Would anyone have guessed that more developers are dog people than cat people (except in Germany)? Or that developers prefer Star Wars to Star…

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Check out Build the MVP Canvas by Martin Fowler. Here is an excerpt:

Paulo Caroli
completes the Lean Inception by summarizing all the knowledge gained during the
week into the MVP Canvas. As well as summarizing the user-centered
work from earlier on, this includes looking at the business case and how progress
will be measured.


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