Check out Wanted: T-Skilled Design Hero by Jurgen Appelo. Here is an excerpt:

My name is Jurgen Appelo. I am the author of Management 3.0, How to Change the World, #Workout, and Managing for Happiness. Next year, I will also be the author of a new book about startups and scaleups that I’m going to produce and promote with a new team. The book will be published by John…

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Check out What’s Up with My Employees?? Part 2 by Gina. Here is an excerpt:

Read Part 1 of this client short story.

When we left off with Sarah, she was going to do some research to understand what was going on. In this posting, we’ll share Sarah’s findings and next steps outlined with the organization.

Sarah’s Findings

Sarah met with a number of employees from…

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Agile Methodology is one of the most popular methodologies currently being used by professionals for better customer satisfaction & high quality software development. At QAIT DevLabs, we follow agile methodologies like Scrum, Lean, Kanban and XP for better software development life cycle. Know more at… and contact us at +91 – 9650658000

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Check out The #DarkScrum Formula by John Miller. Here is an excerpt:

Ron Jeffries coined the term #DarkScrum.

#DarkScrum occurs when we focus on enforcing Scrum mechanics rather than reinforcing Agile Values and Principles.

This results in unenjoyable and demoralizing work. Where busyness is prioritized over impact. In other words, lots of work being done…

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While Agile development has been around for fifteen years, there is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding about its foundational principals and best practices. Complicating matters further is the fact that there is no single source of truth that explains what you need to know about Agile in order to drive IT project success. …

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Build your own project management software with Quickbase’s fully customizable online database software. Create a fully customizable small business project management software system with Quickbase without spending the big bucks. I’ll show you how to start tracking your projects for your clients or customers and centralize all of your project management information to ensure client satisfaction. I personally built a project management system like this and successfully integrated it within the small business I worked for. We tracked all of our client projects with this project management software and it revolutionized the way we added value to our clients.

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