Check out Enterprise App UX Is Not Neuroscience–or Is It? An Interview with Menno Cramer by Matthew Revell. Here is an excerpt:

So many aspects of enterprise software are just not likable. Take enterprise app UX, for example. Rarely is it intuitive or even well-designed. The reason for that lies mostly in centuries of human experience. Until the past few decades, physical experiences primarily consumed our waking lives….

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Check out What is a Project Scorecard? by Lindsay Scott. Here is an excerpt:

Project scorecards are one of the most crucial visuals of a project for senior executives and in this guest post from Execview – part of the Arras People PPM software directory – they give an overview about what the project scorecard is and what it includes. Here’s Cindy Coan:

Communication is…

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What is DevOps and how does it relate to Agile. This week’s Auspicious Agile video blog seeks to demystify DevOps.

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Check out Mind the Talent Gap: Addressing a Growing Shortage in IT by OutSystems Success Stories. Here is an excerpt:

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to find qualified professionals to meet today’s IT demands? Surveys back up this talent gap. According to a report_kmq.push([“trackClickOnOutboundLink”,”link_59d266342d185″,”Article link clicked”,{“Title”:”a report”,”Page”:”Mind the Talent Gap:…

The full article is available here.

Check out How to manage risk in Agile? by vasco. Here is an excerpt:

Unvalidated opinions are “bets”, with the caveat that they beget even more “bets” (decisions based on that opinion). So we can say that unvalidated opinions generate other unvalidated opinions based on the original one, therefore creating exponential growth in risk.

The process of validating an…

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Check out This Week in Project Management 9.22.2017 by . Here is an excerpt:

Ready for some top info being presented on Project Management topics this week?  Read and watch top content here…

This Week in Project Management 9.22.2017

And keep checking back weekly for 6 new items.  Have something to submit for consideration?  Tell me about it…  through the contact form…

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Our top 10 Metrics reveal the most fundamental data points Agile methodology requires to work effectively, and will put you on the highly targeted path to successful implementation of your Agile processes.

XBOSoft and Go2Group run through the top data points you should be measuring in your Agile Workflow. We’ll show you what to track, when and how often, and most importantly – why.

Many believe that metrics are useless, but unless you measure, how can you systematically improve or know how you are doing? And with velocity as an overarching objective in agile, you should be tracking other things so that you know what else you could be impacting by going faster. But, with all the metrics so readily available to us today, how do we filter through to the most meaningful? Watch our recorded webinar to understand the Top 10 Agile Metrics of today.

The original video is available here.

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