Check out Build the MVP Canvas by Martin Fowler. Here is an excerpt:

Paulo Caroli
completes the Lean Inception by summarizing all the knowledge gained during the
week into the MVP Canvas. As well as summarizing the user-centered
work from earlier on, this includes looking at the business case and how progress
will be measured.


The full article is available here.

Introduction – A technical definition of Agility refers to a method of project management which is characterized by the division of tasks into short modules, reassessing it frequently and adapting to variations accordingly. Agile methods replace complex designs with repeated redesigns. One of the most challenging issues for software development is to meet the demands for speed and agility.

Source: Shifting Left With LeanFT With Agile and DevOps

Check out Starting the New Year with Less by David Starr. Here is an excerpt:

I would like to make a more concerted effort to post a bit more. Not necessarily huge, rambling tomes of articles, but short and meaningful drips of things I learn, experience, and encounter along my professional path. So, first things first! I am starting the new year with an old technology…

The full article is available here.

Check out New! Online project management courses. by Ron Rosenhead. Here is an excerpt:

I have often been asked whether Project Agency has any online courses. We do now thanks to a partnership with Mike Clayton who runs OnlinePMCourses. Mike has produced a series of online video tutorials which will enable you to develop your project management skills and abilities still…

The full article is available here.

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