Check out Distributed Systems Pattern: Segmented Log by . Here is an excerpt:

A single log file can grow and become a performance bottleneck while
its read at the startup. Older logs are cleaned up periodically and doing
cleanup operations on a single huge file is difficult to implement. A
Segmented Log splits the logfile into smaller files.


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Check out Branching Patterns: Looking at some branching policies by . Here is an excerpt:

In this article, I’ve talked about branching in terms of patterns. I do
this because I don’t wish to advocate The One Approach to Branching, but
rather to lay out the common ways people do this, and reflect on their
trade-offs within the wide range of different contexts that…

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Check out Write your own Slack chatbot in Golang by Dan Ackerson. Here is an excerpt:

Slack Chatbot

Chatbots are all the rage nowadays so I’ll show you how to plug one into your own Slack channel. It’s easy, fun and, best of all, completely free!

I. Preparation

Of course, you’ll need a Slack team which I’ll refer to as throughout this post. The free plan includes up to 10…

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Check out International Dates and Times by . Here is an excerpt:

Every week in my Tuesday Lunch & Learn livestream, we choose a useful software development skill, define a challenge related to that skill, and solve the challenge live. This week, it’s international dates and times.

The challenge with international dates and times is that you want your users

The full article is available here.

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