Check out What’s Up with My Employees?? Part 1 by Gina. Here is an excerpt:

A Client Short Story

One of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients, a SVP of Human Resources (HR) in a retail organization of approximately 800 employees, has noticed that employees seem increasingly disinterested in the organization and the work. The SVP of HR, who we’ll call Sarah, shared this…

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Check out Selling your Project to Executives by Gina. Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes we have an idea for a project that we know is valuable and of benefit to the organization, but we can’t get it started. It seems no one is interested. In talking with clients, I often find that those great ideas don’t move forward because they haven’t sold the idea to the purse…

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Check out The Ultimate Pursuit of Leadership isn’t Success by Dan Rockwell. Here is an excerpt:

The ultimate pursuit of leadership is humility, not success. The more I think about humility, the less I know about it. The more I pursue humility, the more it escapes my grasp. Everything… Continue reading

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Check out Figuring Out Organizational Culture by Pawel Brodzinski. Here is an excerpt:

Figuring Out Organizational Culture post image

Some time ago, I had a lengthy exchange about how we work at Lunar Logic, which behaviors are OK and which are not. At one point in the discussion, I realized that the source of the different stances in the dispute was a very different perception of what organizational culture…

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Check out Quote of the Day by Glen B. Alleman. Here is an excerpt:

The estimator’s charter is not to state what developers should do, but rather to provide a reasonable projection of what they will do. – T. DeMarco, Controlling Software Projects, Prentice Hall PTR, 1982.

This quote is from the paper “Quantifying IT forecast quality,” J.L. Eveleens, C….

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Check out Multi products Scrum teams, how do you deal with that? by Irene de Kok. Here is an excerpt:

Multi Products Scrum teams are in reality observed often. One team serving different stakeholders and customer segments. Both would like to use the same people to work on their improvements. In most organizations there tend to be more products than teams. While scaling frameworks give solutions…

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Check out Recensie: Breek los uit het doolhof by hennyportman. Here is an excerpt:

9789047012573-480x600Spencer Johnson schreef Breek los uit het doolhof, het langverwachte vervolg op de #1 bestseller en het wereldwijde fenomeen Wie heeft mijn kaas gepikt?

Dit prachtige kleine vervolg zal je helpen het raadsel te openen van de vele doolhoven waar je in je eigen leven mee te maken kunt krijgen. En…

The full article is available here.

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