Collaborate with Remote Employees to Develop Ground Rules

Check out Collaborate with Remote Employees to Develop Ground Rules by Gina. Here is an excerpt: Ground rules enable for consistency among remote employees and are particularly important when employees are in different time zones and must collaborate or exchange information regularly. As a best practice, managers should collaborate with remote employees to develop ground […]

CPM – Critical Path Method||Project Management Techniques||Operations Research|| Solved Problem

To watch PERT pls visit: Please watch this video to understand full CPM concept, and I have given the necessary theory explanation with an example problem, Project Management – CPM [Critical Path Method] Critical Path Network, Project completion time, Total floats and Free floats in simple explanation. How to construct CPM network? What is […]

Definition of Done

Check out Definition of Done by Glen B. Alleman. Here is an excerpt: The common definition of the Definition of Done in agile software development is (mostly from the Scrum Alliance and other official Scrum sites): A simple list of activities (coding, comments, unit testing, integration, release notes, design documents, etc.) that add verifiable and… The full article is available here.

What is Agile Software Development?

FREE COURSE – 5 Learning Mistakes Software Developers Make SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: Visit: SUPPORT THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The Agile Manifesto: How To Start An Agile Project: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (Mini-waterfall vs Agile): When Scrum Hurts: Mob Architecture: What Is Agile Software Development? So, let’s talk […]

QA in Production

Check out QA in Production by Martin Fowler. Here is an excerpt: Traditionally, QA focuses on testing the software before release into production to see if it’s ready for such release. But Rouan Wilsenach points out that, increasingly, modern QA organizations are also focusing attention onto the software running in production. By analyzing logs… The […]