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Not every employee who joins the organization has strong emotional intelligence. Some employees tend to be reactive and don’t handle stress or conflict well. They are easily “triggered” by others and may not collaborate or communicate in the best way. Writing up an employee under a Performance Improvement Plan is not the best way [...] The post Coach Employees to Strengthen their Emotional Intelligence appeared first on Gina Abudi. [...]

The Big Data age is finally here. Information is currently available in unbelievable proportions measured in what is globally known as zettabytes (ZB). One zettabyte represents a billion terabytes. The incredible thing is that the information proportion is still growing exceptionally.  In fact, the IDC revealed that global data would increase from 23ZB in 2017 to 174 Zettabytes by 2025. Depending on the type of your organization or the industry you are in, you could be having massive volume [... [...]

NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY! 20 copies available! Leave a comment on this guest post by Tamra Chandler. This post is based on her latest book, Feedback (and Other Dirty Words) which is co-authored with… Continue reading → [...]

The blog at herdingcats provided this little bit of wit: Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood. — William Howard Taft Taft has a good point there: Not only to be understood (meaning + context)  But to not be misunderstood (meaning + context + motivations or expectations) Not so fast! It's often not that simple You want not to be misunderstood [...]

In the world of information technology (IT) security, one of the most important functions that can be performed is testing the security controls that have been put into place. These tests are conducted from two points of view: internal and external.These different perspectives allow an organization to identify any gaps in their security and develop the necessary compensating controls. A compensating control may be a policy that dictates how information is handled within an information sys [...]

Here’s a list of the brightest minds and influential thinkers who are shaping the project management industry today.If you want to stay top of the latest in project management and related topics like change management, business strategy, and leadership, make sure you’re following these movers and shakers: the top project management influencers of 2019...9. Brad EgelandBrad Egeland is a Business Solution Designer & IT/PM consultant & author working with development, manag [...]

Last Friday, my wife went out with a friend and I had a man-dinner. Sometimes, I grill a steak. No vegetables. Just beef and a beverage. But this time I chose my second… Continue reading → [...]

You need affirmation, but if you want to grow, seek discomfort. Comfort affirms. Discomfort transforms. Today’s challenge is as difficult as it is simple. Seek advice from an imperfect boss or colleague. If… Continue reading → [...]

The post What is Zapier and How to Automate Your Business [3+ Examples] appeared first on Tallyfy. Zapier is an automation tool that serves as a multi-level bridge between 1000+ business web applications. Essentially, you can use Zapier to tie together two or more web apps to take advantage of their functionalities in an (almost) automatic way. If you are a freelancer, a manager or even a startup owner, then you likely […] The post What is Zapier and How to Automate Your Business [3+ Examples] a [...]

Brad Egeland recently completed his 15th Project Management eBook titled “A Real World Project Manager's Guide to the Successful Project.” Other than maybe switching some words around in the title and shortening it, Mr. Egeland seems to have hit it spot on. The book is written in his normal casual style of experience, opinion and best practices... from a real world, logical and practical point of view.Always trying to give advice to those experienced, new and aspiring project manage [...]

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