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All ethical styles of leadership have a place in organizational life, including benevolent dictatorships. High school football coaches and symphony conductors often require obedience with little discussion.   Diversity: I ask audiences to… Continue reading → [...]

I am a finalist in Project Management Update's MVP Awards in the Best Practices category. Please vote for me by 11/25 here Thanks!  [...]

Here’s an alarming statistic: almost two thirds of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired.If one of your soon-to-be-ex colleagues decides to do some damage before they leave the company, make sure that your work remains unaffected.Have a checklist of all the accounts that they had access to. Don’t forget to remove their permissions when they leave.Be careful of how you manage your passwords. Use strong and unique passwords, change them regularly, activ [...]

Energize people by speaking into their aspiration. A young employee says they aspire to become a manager. You view them through the lens of “NEEDS to IMPROVE.” Maybe they need to complain less… Continue reading → [...]

The PM World Journal has published the latest version of my Bird’s eye view in the agile forest article. For sure there will updates in the coming months. Some years ago, you could say “Scrum is agile” and ask “is … Continue reading → [...]

The world of project management requires leaders and doers and shakers to make it happen. To make project successful, keep teams cohesive and collaborating toward a great final solution or product or successful implementation. But, no doubt, the road to get there requires much to happen. Their is training, certification, and experience that needs to be gained or earned to start leading projects. Once that happens there are tools needed to prioritize projects, track financials, tasks, resources, [...]

Going back a bit to 1999, psychologist David Dunning, PhD, and his graduate student, Justin Kruger, published their research that in their own words revealed, "incompetent people ... cannot recognize just how incompetent they are." Now, this isn't to suggest that most, or even a lot of us, are incompetent. That's not the point. The point is we all suffer from cognitive bias. We all believe we [...]

Do you buy this? "Statistics does not require randomness. The three essential elements of statistics are measurement, comparison, and variation. Randomness is one way to supply variation, and it’s one way to model variation, but it’s not necessary. Nor is it necessary to have “true” randomness (of the dice-throwing or urn-sampling variety) in order to have a useful probability model." [...]

CEOs like the latest technology. CEOs like continuous improvement initiatives. CEOs like to be at the cutting edge of technology whenever possible. They like to make decisions. But are those decisions always in the best interest of the organization or are the latest tech, the latest processed, the best buzzwords this week. Whatever is hot now - that’s what they want.​Agile. It's the latest corporate buzzword making the rounds. One survey last year found that over half the organizatio [...]

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