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You probably wondered at least once how many types of malware (malicious software) are there and how they differ from one another.​Here’s a quick overview: Adware – delivers bad ads and can infect your computer with additional malware. Bots – malicious code engineered to perform specific tasks. They can be both harmless and malicious. More on bad bots in Daily Security Tip coming soon. Bug – cyber security bugs (flaw in software) open up security hole [...]

Gusto turns to groaning when people disappoint. It’s harmful when disappointment, anger, or bitterness reflect your strongest self. The seduction of negative focus is destructive illusion. Bring your best self: #1. Choose how… Continue reading → [...]

Fidelity, faithfulness, and commitment often seem to be the tension between: What the customer/sponsor/user want, and What the project charter/scope calls for. Why so? Why isn't it straightforward? The business case begets the project charter; the charter begets the project plan; and then the project team is off to do the deliverables. Simple, right? Wrong! It's never that simple -- [...]

Do you have a healthy PMO? Is it run efficiently? Is it constructed for the “now” or for the long haul? Will it be here in this form in 5 years or is it going to need to be rebuilt? Is it scalable? Are you running the right projects with the right people? Do you have the right people to run the projects when you do get them?If you are a project-centric organization, then a project management office (PMO) that is run effectively, efficiently, productively and focused on delivering gre [...]

NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY! 20 copies available! Leave a comment on this guest post by Mark Michaux Brown to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of his book, “Outward Bound Lessons To… Continue reading → [...]

With 62% of companies either using or planning to use microservices, enterprise microservices builds a case for itself. But what exactly is enterprise microservices? And how does low-code fit in? Let’s break it down. [...]

The right PPM will help you analyze and choose the right projects. What technologies is your company equipped to handle this next quarter? What are your revenue goals and do the current projects in the pipeline matchup with those two and other criteria you've setup to help determine what projects to start next or even chase next? Your PPM should be able to help you with those decisions. Knowing your resource requirements and allocations is a key to proper project staffing. The right PPM [.. [...]

If you could improve something that matters to you in three minutes a day would you do it? Small investments make a huge difference. Hugging: We’re doing a hugging experiment in our home.… Continue reading → [...]

Het achtste nummer alweer. Een initiatief dat een paar jaar terug aan een onzekere toekomst was begonnen. Ondertussen kunnen we onzeker wel doorstrepen, het blad heeft in Nederland (en België?) haar positie ingenomen en staat als een huis. Een mooi moment … Continue reading → [...]

Are You a New Project Manager?We all have to start somewhere. At some point in time, all of us are new to project management. There are a few different ways we can chose, move into and even fall into the role of project manager. Sometimes we choose our path into project management and sometimes the career choice is forced upon us out of organizational need. Whatever the reason your career found you here in this world of project management, you are now a leader in your organization and responsibl [...]

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