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Unfocused spontaneity ends in triviality. A squirrel on steroids chases every nut, but gets none. Schedule things that matter most or things that matter least will replace them. Don’t spend a little time… Continue reading → [...]

A narrative Imagine two doors to the same room: One labeled risk manager; the other labeled decision maker. Though the risk manager's door, entry is for the inductive thinkers: those armed with facts looking for a supporting generality or an integrating narrative Through the decision maker's door, entry is for the deductive thinkers: those visionaries with a capacity to envision specifics [...]

Make no mistake... And no pun intended there...I fully realize that there are hundreds of mistakes waiting out there for project managers to make. I've probably made many of them somewhere along the way in my 25 year IT career.  One thing I like to believe is that I've learned from my mistakes and from those mistakes that I've witnessed others making.  I've tried to make mental notes during and after projects as well as document those PM mistakes physically in post-deployment [...]

Not every role in an organization has a clear and specific career path for employees to progress through their roles. But this does not mean that you can’t provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and take on leadership roles. Be creative! Here are some ways to provide employees with opportunities to develop [...] The post Providing Opportunities for Employees When Career Paths Do Not Exist appeared first on Gina Abudi. [...]

The skill of noticing moves you from a victim of circumstances to focused and directed. You walk past people without noticing them. You’re so lost in your head you don’t remember walking to… Continue reading → [...]

After being proven in 23 mid-Atlantic hospitals for a combined $75 million per year in medical cost savings, healthcare analytics [...]

After being proven in 23 mid-Atlantic hospitals for a combined $75 million per year in medical cost savings, healthcare analytics [...]

Empathy is a platform for relationship, not encouragement to wallow in slime pits. Solid relationships strengthen people. Strong people perform better than weak. The power of empathy: The purpose of empathy is to… Continue reading → [...]

It hopefully doesn't happen that often, but every now and then we get into a creative project argument with other stakeholders who may feel passionate about a decision, key piece of information or a path to the proper project solution. After all, creativity is personal, and creative thought processes can often collide... with loud results. We feel passionate as project managers and creative directors – and creative team members - about all of these things, so it's easy [...]

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